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Merry Christmas

and a happy New Year to all hardly listeners out there !


The hardly listening soundsystem spins underwater listening pearls for your inner health, electronic music, soundtracks, some wet soul or dry Jazz.

Next show:

in early 2018..

Thursday from 7 to 11 p.m.

Dry prelistening: DJ / Underwater

No 'Limited Abilities': Georgia's Paralympians

Music for three videos by David Khurtsilava acompagnying photographies by Maurice Wolf about Georgian Paralympics-athletes. Presented by the NGO Chai-Khana.org : Football, Swimmer, Arrow.

3 Documentaries

Music for three documentaries, one about ultra rights threatening communal politicians and people taking care of refugees (awarded with the Pro Ehrenamt – Hermann-Wilhelm-Thywissen-Preis 2017, than about the new German Party "AfD" (both by director Wolfgang Minder) and the 3rd one by Ines Jacob about a Countryside Community.

Musicpool Workshop

On November 13th and 20th I was presenting the 2nd edition of my workshop "filmscoring - between art and comission" (that´s a pretty free translation.. the workshop will be -mostly- in German, an english version somewhere in 2018..) at Berlin´s musicpool.

Die Spieler (The Players)

I scored two new shorts by Samuel Auer (director at berlin filmschool dffb): "Die Spieler" and "Nightowls". Watch the very first collaboration "Mama" on amazon .


The hardly listening soundsystem was spinning filmscores at Scoreslam, a competition of filmcomposers rewriting a movie sequence to get the award "Koralle".

Double release

music to float by out now ! 80 minutes of chilling music to relax under water or dry at your living-room-sofa ! Check out ! Buy if you like ! Spread the news ... get your personal sofa-float or nap-support on the videochannel needtorelax !

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Now accompanied freshly by the Australian Soundscapes. If technically possible it´s recommended to listen to both albums simultaneously to recrease the recovery effect !

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need to relax

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