Tigerfish und Schangele

Finally I started to record for "Tigerfish and Schangele" the first radio play of a planned podcast series called "Don´t tell me about the war". It´s basically the story of the 2nd World War seen through my mothers eyes and the eyes of the son of the British Air Marshal Sir Robert HMS Saundby, Adjudant of so called "Bomber Harris". Speaker: Jenny Schily, Ian Dickinson and Peter Bild.

Die Ferien des Monsieur Murot

New score for another so called Tukur-Tatort, director: Grzegorz Muskala.


Finissage for an exhibition with live music by denzel + huhn. March 15th, 8 pm - Galerie Alte Schule Adlershof (Berlin).

New TV scores

"Größer als im Fernsehen" ("Appearingly bigger than on TV", directed by Christoph Schnee), produced by Hessischer Rundfunk. "Größer als im Fernsehen" is a Co-production with arte. I´m honored to work with Max Knoth (Arrangements) and the HR synphonic orchestra on a classic(al) score. On arte March 29th, on ARD may 29th.

"Der Einsturz des Kölner Stadtarchivs" (let´s say "collapsing old buildings by building a new subwayline - once upon a time in Cologne..."). A Documentary by Ingolf Gritschneder and Wolfgang MInder for WDR. Watch online.

"Toulouse" (director: Michael Sturminger) together with Heidi Mockert (Bassoon) and Sascha Friedl (Flute). Nominated for best TV feature film on FernsehFilmFestival Baden-Baden. Produced by Hessischer Rundfunk.

Frauke Petry Documentary

I made the music for Wolfang Minders two Documentrays about the German politician Frauke Petry. To be seen on German TV (ARD/WDR and phoenix). With the voice of Bettina Bruns (Alto). Watch the shorter version on youtube.


The hardly listening soundsystem spins underwater listening pearls for your inner health, electronic music, soundtracks, some wet soul or dry Jazz.

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Dry prelistening: DJ / Underwater

Die Spieler (The Players)

I scored two new shorts by Samuel Auer (director at berlin filmschool dffb): "Die Spieler" and "Nightowls". Nightowls is first shown at Queer Lisboa. "Die Spieler" (trailer) was nominated for best shortfilm on Filmfest Emden, Germany, will be shown at nordic filmdays Lübeck, is nominated for best short at Interfilm Berlin, has its first international Premiere at European Shortfilm Festival Brest and won the Short Plus Award at "Fünf Seen Filmfestival", Germany. Watch the very first collaboration, a short called "Mama" on amazon.

No 'Limited Abilities': Georgia's Paralympians

Music for three videos by David Khurtsilava acompagnying photographies by Maurice Wolf about Georgian Paralympics-athletes. Presented by the NGO Chai-Khana.org : Football, Swimmer, Arrow.

Double release

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Now accompanied freshly by the Australian Soundscapes. If technically possible it´s recommended to listen to both albums simultaneously to recrease the recovery effect !

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