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New TV scores

Two new scores for German TV: I just finished "Toulouse" (director: Michael Sturminger) and now I´m working on "Größer als im Fernsehen" ("Appearingly bigger than on TV", directed by Christoph Schnee), both produced by Hessischer Rundfunk.


The hardly listening soundsystem was accompanying the digital reissue of Wim Wenders´"Wings Of Desire" at Berlins Kino International on February 16th.

Die Spieler (The Players)

I scored two new shorts by Samuel Auer (director at berlin filmschool dffb): "Die Spieler" and "Nightowls". Nightowls is first shown at Queer Lisboa. "Die Spieler" trailer) was nominated for best shortfilm on Filmfest Emden, Germany, and is nominated for best short at "Fünf Seen Filmfestival", Germany. Watch the very first collaboration, a short called "Mama" on amazon.

Jens Thomas

I was producing three wonderful tracks for the german songwriter Jens Thomas. Matthias Millhoff was mixing. Published by Edition Hardly Listening. Hopefully more coming soon...


The hardly listening soundsystem spins underwater listening pearls for your inner health, electronic music, soundtracks, some wet soul or dry Jazz.

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from 7 to 11 p.m.

Dry prelistening: DJ / Underwater

No 'Limited Abilities': Georgia's Paralympians

Music for three videos by David Khurtsilava acompagnying photographies by Maurice Wolf about Georgian Paralympics-athletes. Presented by the NGO Chai-Khana.org : Football, Swimmer, Arrow.

3 Documentaries

Music for three documentaries, one about ultra rights threatening communal politicians and people taking care of refugees (awarded with the Pro Ehrenamt – Hermann-Wilhelm-Thywissen-Preis 2017, than about the new German Party "AfD" (both by director Wolfgang Minder) and the 3rd one by Ines Jacob about a Countryside Community. A 4th one is in the pipeline right now.

Double release

music to float by out now ! 80 minutes of chilling music to relax under water or dry at your living-room-sofa ! Check out ! Buy if you like ! Spread the news ... get your personal sofa-float or nap-support on the videochannel needtorelax !

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Now accompanied freshly by the Australian Soundscapes. If technically possible it´s recommended to listen to both albums simultaneously to recrease the recovery effect !

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need to relax

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